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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back To Work

I have been back at work for 2 weeks, but not at full capacity.  We have only had about 75 kids and 10 teachers at my school.  Tomorrow starts Inservice, then we have all students the next week.  The one thing that I did get done this summer is that I repainted my bathroom.  See the before ( start of...)  bathroom shot

 We went to Key West for our 25th anniversary in the spring.  I love the colors of Key West.  I came home inspired.  I wanted to bring the beach to my bathroom so I picked a sea foam green for the walls.

 While we were in Key West, we went to several art studios.  One of my favorites was 7 Artists.  While in the gallery, we met David Meier.  He was so nice- he even gave me his copy of The New Yorker to read on the plane ride home.  We realized that a painting that I fell in love with- Nice Hat- was painted by him.  I kept thinking about this painting after we got home so I called and ordered it!!  I love it.
I don't know why I love this painting so much.  I guess it just sums up how carefree I want to be this second half of my life.  It is a perfect picture for a retreat/ bathroom!!! 

Have you had any trips or experiences that inspired you to do something in your home?

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  1. what a great blog post!

    I've had many trips/experiences that have inspired my decorating choice. I recently moved to a new "home" and a recent trip abroad inspired my new quest for a more minimalistic lifestyle-- right now you're laughing because you've seen my closet (aka shoe & clothes collection)-- no one is perfect.. I'm only a minimalist when it comes to things other than clothes/shoes/purses/ (& owls!)